A letter from Lois

Texas is the greatest state in the nation for a reason. When government stays out of the way of hard working families, prosperity follows. My mission as your State Representative has been a singular focus on serving the people of District 13 by keeping government small, taxes low, and Washington out of our business.

As a mother, wife, and small business owner, I’ve experienced the tremendous effort it takes to make a family and business successful. My husband and I own and operate Kolkhorst Petroleum in Navasota, and know all too well what it’s like to feel the oppressive hand of government regulation on our shoulders. It’s the daily struggle of providing for our family and the employees that rely on our small business that drives me to better serve the people of our community.

In Austin, I’ve worked hard, earning the role of Chairman of the Public Health Committee. While working to improve the heath and well being of all Texans, I was particularly proud to lead the charge against Medicaid expansion, a crucial step in halting Obamacare implementation in Texas. I am also the author of the Healthcare Compact, a sensible solution to the rising costs of Medicaid that allows decisions to be made on the state level, where you have a bigger voice.

Fighting back against Washington has also meant taking action on issues like border security and illegal immigration. In 2007, I authored one of the few illegal immigration reform bills that has passed the Texas Legislature in the past decade. HB 1196 protects Texas tax dollars by requiring businesses receiving public funds to return every penny of our money if found to be employing people in this country illegally. Inspired by then Solicitor General Ted Cruz’s fight against the World Court, I passed HB 1129 to empower Texas to defend itself against threats to our sovereignty from international organizations.

Whether it’s protecting the lives of unborn Texans, improving education for all Texas children, or protecting our critical property rights, I’m committed to standing up for the hard working people of District 13. I’m proud that my family has called it home for five generations, and humbled to serve each and every one of you.

For Texas,
Lois W. Kolkhorst